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About the Device

The Car Safe Wireless devices features and enclosed GPS/GSM motherboard powered by an internal battery pack. The device transmits whenever motion is detected and reserves power in a deep sleep mode if no movement is detected. 

LED Indicators

RED : Power - Only on if the system is charging

Blue : GPS - GPS Locked light will blink, GPS searching light will be steady

Yellow : GSM - GSM Data Session active light will blink, GSM Data Session inactive light will be steady. 


To charge the device insert the Micro USB Connector into the port on the Car Safe Wireless device. Insert the other USB end into a 5V enabled device (phone charger or computer USB)

The Red LED should go steady. Check for shorts in the cable. This would be evident if the red light blinks at an time. 

The system is fully charged when the RED LED goes off. Full charge from empty can take as much as 24 hours. 

Note the device should be warm during charge. If the device is hot to the touch disconnect and use a different charging source. 

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