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Safety as a Service. 

In a bad situation, making a phone call is harder than you think. Meet Wearsafe — an instant call for help that makes it simple to reach the people you trust. 

You can live life knowing that if you’re ever in trouble, the people you trust will get the information they need to help you — where you are, what is happening, and the ability to quickly coordinate a response. 

With Wearsafe, looking out for each other just got a lot easier. 

Get your Tag

Wear Safe alerts our command center that you may be in trouble. We can determine the nature of the emergency (accident, robbery, medical) and send the  appropriate response to you. GPS data derived from your phone and Wear Safe app will allow response personnel to know exactly where you are. 

How does it work?

Once you press the Tag, the Bluetooth-paired app sends an alert to your most trusted allies. You choose who you call in an emergency — your friends, coworkers, family — and set up each unlimited network for different situations. Use the Tag, or send an alert right from the home screen. Using the app’s amazing features, your network will take it from there.

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