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Vehicle Tracking and Recovery


Car Safe GPS Tracking comprises of two main components; the GPS tracking device that is installed and our online server. With this combination clients can access the server to:

1. Get real time location information

2. Create push notification as they require (speed, geofence, tamper, movement)

3. Pull reports and vehicle history

4. Issue commands to the vehicle  (Shutdown if installed)

Clients can also download our mobile app from the APP store to use their mobile phone or tablet. 

1. Online Tracking

Your GPS tracking system must be working every second of the day. We maintain a fully staffed network operations centre that monitors server uptime, device signal integrity and connectivity. Our centre can remedy customer concerns in real time ensuring that our guarantee of Peace of mind is maintained. 

2. Technical Support

24/7 Network operations centre

Air Support Tactical Security is approved by the Ministry of National Security as a Protective Service Agency. We are currently the only GPS tracking and Stolen Vehicle Intercept Provider (so approved) with a 100 percent success rate for intercept and retrieval. Our teams comprise of former military professionals including members from TTDF Special Forces. 

3. RECOVERY Services

Company owned intercept units

Value Added Services

Enhance monitoring

We keep watch on your vehicle while you sleep. Our night watch service will send a response to intercept our client's vehicle should unauthorise use be detected. This is enabled by preset protocols approved by the client. Our monitoring centre operates 24 hours a day to ensure this protocol is observed. 

Are you be attending a special event where risky parking is anticipated? Just call our office to request a special event geofence and we will monitor the movement while you attend the event. This is one of our free services available to our clients.  

Travel Monitoring

For clients that intend to travel and leave their vehicle parked. We can keep an eye on the vehicle. Once its moved without prior authorisation our tactical team will be dispatched automatically to intercept the vehicle. A free service offered to our clients. 

Special event geofence


  • Our Bronze services offers one year of tracking, monitoring and recove...

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    45 min

    2,981.25 Trinidad & Tobago dollars
  • The Silver package offers two years of service for tracking, monitorin...

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    1 hr 15 min

    3,431.25 Trinidad & Tobago dollars
  • The Gold package offers three years of service for tracking, monitorin...

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    3,825 Trinidad & Tobago dollars
  • The only Adaptive GPS in Trinidad and Tobago

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    3,562.50 Trinidad & Tobago dollars
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