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GPS Tracking and Stolen Vehicle recovery is normally misunderstood. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that a person should consider when choosing a system or a provider. 




1. How does GPS tracking work?

Answer: GPS Tracking consists of an internal GPS Module and the GSM/GPRS module. The GPS module receives signals from orbiting satellites which is used to determine the coordinate (lat/lon) of the device, the GSM/GPRS module connects to the local mobile network (eg Digicel, Bmobile) to transmit the location to the user (via SMS) or a server (via Internet). 

2. Why does Car Safe only use internet?

Answer: Car Safe system uses the internet to transmit streaming data to our servers. Compared to SMS that only transmits when the user asks for a location, Car Safe servers allow the user to track their own vehicle in real time and pull history of previous vehicle locations. This history can be used to form reports. In addition to the history Car Safe can also trigger various alerts that is set by the end user. 

3. Do I have to top up a sim card?

Answer: No, we maintain our sim cards that are installed in the device. The End User pays a renewal fee annually to maintain the service. This annual fee is remitted to our mobile services provider for another year of data on that sim card. 

4. Why do you now have the Car Safe Wireless device?

Answer: As an industry leader we spend a lot of time looking at current trends of car thieves. We recognise that they are not taking the time to search cars for installed devices. They do this by identifying the none OEM wiring normally used by GPS installers. Once the wiring is located the GPS could be neutralized and removed. WIth this in mind we decided to invest in the development of a total wireless solution. Though the device might need to be charged every month or so, customers will be able to hide the devices themselves making it almost impossible for anyone to even know a GPS present. Tracking and recovery is not compromised in any way. 

5. Do you have your own Recovery units?

Answer: Yes we do. We are approved by the Ministry of National Security as a Protective Service agency in accordance with the Supplemental Police Act. Our officers will have the same rights, privileges and immunities as a Police officer when they are in a recovery operation. 

6. Is your call centre always available?

Answer: Our call centre is manned 24 hours a day and can be contacted by call 225-8725. 

7. Do you have a warranty on your devices?

Answer: Yes our devices comes with a 3 year warranty. 

8. Do you have any other fees?

Answer: On signup you pay the install price as advertised. There will be service period (1 Year, 2 Year or 3 Year), when this expires you will have to pay the renewal fee as explained in question 3.

9. What is your average response time?

Answer: We respond immediately, our average retrieval time is currently 30 minutes. 

10. My car is brand new and the dealership warned me to not install a GPS device otherwise I would void my warranty, how do I get around this?

Answer: The good news is our Wireless Device is now approved by the leading new car dealerships and others are currently evaluating. As our devices causes no interference to the vehicle (and is not wired into the vehicle) it can not void your warranty in anyway. We are so confident about this that we will pay for any losses incurred due to a void warranty after using our new Wireless system. 

11. Have you ever lost a vehicle?

Answer: Never

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