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About our Company

Our parent company, the Trinidad and Tobago Air Support Company was established in June of 2011, leased surveillance aircrafts to the Ministry of National Security. These aircraft provided low cost operations and a unique surveillance payload capable of loitering over areas for long periods of time while providing ground personnel with real time video feeds.

Since our establishment, we have adopted a more strategic approach to Security Risk Management and explored various ICT systems available to us. In January 2013 our GPS Tracking and Recovery Service was launched. At present, the company monitors over 2,000 customer vehicles on its server platform. Server access is available to all customers 24/7 via the internet and provides real time position updates.

With continuous enhancement to our resources and expertise, in 2016, we have now augmented our suite of services which has birthed the Air Support Tactical Security Limited with a core focus on

Security & Disaster Risk Management- a uniquely Caribbean and Latin American Regions.

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